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Bundesliga & Champiosleague live broadcast

Restaurant in Stuttgart with live music

Dear guests, due to the current situation (Coronavirus) the Arigato remains closed until further notice.

Help, protect others and yourself, give courage and stay at home.

Take care and stay healthy!

Your Arigato team.



"Pub, bar or restaurant? All in one, of course! In addition to wild potatoes, pizza and Co., the Arigato also has live music and exuberant football evenings."

Prince Stuttgart.



From french fries, to our homemade papas bravas with aijoli, and our legendary pizza ... everything for the little hunger.


Delicious dishes from the Schwoabaländle, Greece, via Italy, to the Iberian Peninsula, across Europe.
We are happy to serve wines from our region (Riesling from Ruoff Winery), Spanish wine from the La Rioja region (Anares Crianza), or an ice-cold Retsina from Greece (Retsina Malamatina).


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